Tips for preparing for Group Discussion 2013

Once the students cleared the written entrance exams for MBA, they need to start preparing for the next round of the selection process that comprises of A Group Discussion and Personal Interview. A GD is an activity where 8-10 candidates are placed in a leaderless group, and they are given a topic for analysis and discussion within a specified limit of 25 mins to 45 mins.

A Group Discussion is conducted for judging the candidates in the following aspects.

· Self confidence

· Listening ability

· Ability to present your views logically

· Communication skills

· Time management

· Team skills

· Body language

Tips for preparing for the GD

· Candidates should divide their preparation for GD into two parts including developing Subject Knowledge and soft skills.

· The improvement of Subject knowledge includes the reading voraciously on diverse subjects and hot topics. Candidate should use various resources such as News Papers, Magazines, TV and News Portals.

· The development of the soft skills involves working on communication skills, listening skills and body gestures. Candidates should improve their communication skills by enhancing their vocabulary and working on proper pronunciation. One should use good phrases and try to speak in polite tone.

· Candidate should participate in a few mock GDs along with his/her friends. One should try to identify the areas of strength and improvement during these sessions and work on them consciously.

· Candidate should get into the habit of discussion by focussing on topic of current relevance with group of knowledgeable friends.

· One should not treat other candidates as competitors in a GD but one should try to engage in discussion by respecting everyone’s point of view.

· It is a good practise to analyse the strengths and improvement areas of one another individually after the mock discussion. One should know the perspectives of other candidates and broaden his/her thought process.

· Develop the practise to put your point across in a short and concise manner. In case you talk a lot continuously about one topic and repeating it again then other candidates will lose interest in your discussion.

· It is very important that candidate should address everyone in the group during speaking. It gives the impression that you are talking to entire group rather than talking to a person. One should not focus on the judges or moderators of the group as they do not make part of the group.

· One should take care of his/her attire while going for participating in a GD> It is compulsory to dress formally and use formal language while speaking.

· One should use decent language and address other participants with respect. One can use a proper body language by making gestures with hand while explaining a point however it should not be intimidating to others.

· One should avoid using the extreme statements and does not point to a specific participant while speaking.

· One should learn to disagree with other in a polite manner. For this, one should try to develop good listening skills as most of the time candidates fail to listen with attention when others are talking.