Stress from Studying for Exams

Exams can bring unpleasant feeling for some students, especially for those who are not prepared well for exams.  Its normal to feel a bit nervous before your exam, the condition is medically called as “Test Anxiety”.

You may feel that you are breathing fast than normal, your heart rate gets increased and you may feel nausea and dry mouth. These symptoms are quite normal and all you need to stay calm and quite and focus on what you need to do.

To begin the study and go peacefully through the exam, we have outlined certain points for you, we hope it will help you.

Here are not many things you can do while you are reading for tests to remain peaceful:


Clear your room and your work area






Have you heard the truism “A jumbled work area is an indication of a jumbled personality”?

It turns out it’s not simply something your mom says to get you to pick up your room. It’s experimentally right

The more mess you have around your workspace, the less you’re ready to focus on getting ready for the test. This is on the grounds that your mind is being barraged by such huge numbers of diversions. Decor your desk with bright lamps and notes and motivational quotes.

Get your heart siphoning

Exhausting yourself with exercise will likewise improve your rest, which further lessens feelings of anxiety. You don’t have to go hard and fast to get the pressure mitigating advantages of activity, however, as analysts have demonstrated a 10-minute walk can be as successful as 45 minutes of thorough exercise.

Think about an upbeat memory








Research proposes that the characteristic concoction, serotonin, makes a feeling of prosperity and encourages your cerebrum to work at pinnacle capacity.[5]

One approach to create more serotonin is to think positive considerations.


Start by pondering an upbeat memory – something that makes you grin. Consider it your glad spot and go there in your brain as frequently as would be prudent.

Organizing your time, subjects and outstanding burden will help lessen your feelings of anxiety, as you’ll have the option to guarantee that the extremely significant stuff is secured – and at the opportune time.

In the event that you have more than one test to handle, draw out a straightforward graph with dates of every test and what number of themes need covering for each. This will give you a reasonable thought of how much time you have to devote to every test subject and when you have to begin on your update, so there won’t be any frightful astonishments.