How to Select Top B Schools 2013

Congratulations!!! You have crack the MBA entrance exams after thorough preparation and followed by successful GD and PI. Now, you have offers from more than one B schools and your next challenge is to select the best B school for you. There are various criteria for selecting the most the appropriate B-School including Infrastructure, placements, B-School brand, Location, Quality of students, Quality of faculty & guest lecturers, etc.

Infrastructure:A good management institute should have the excellent basic infrastructure in place that helps in distributing the knowledge and ensures that students get all the modern day college facility and management tools including a well equipped computer centre, seminar rooms for guest lectures, libraries, projectors, etc. Applicants should visit the institute to see verify its infrastructure and facilities available for the management students.

Placements:Applicants should ensure that institute has an excellent and credible campus placement record. Apart from observing the salaries of the management pass out from the institute, applicants should also get the details about the number of placement and reputation of companies of different sectors that come for placements. If you want to specialize in a particular stream, then you should look at the there are sufficient number of reputed companies related to that sector come for placement.

B-School brand:B-School brand means the awareness of B-School among the students and other public. You can ask the people about the B school and see their response. There are various factors that contributes to the brand of a B-School including ranking, industry recognition, advertisement and promotion, alumni performance, and the number of years of functioning. It is important to check the brand value of the institute prior to the making final selection.

Location:For some students, the location of the B-School is also an important factor in determining their choice of the B school. Some students may prefer B school which is close to their home while other may not consider it a big issue. Generally, students prefer those business schools which are located close to the area that has industries and education hub. In fact, metros are among the sought after destination for B Schools as there is good presence of industrial houses and the varied sectors in metro cities.

Quality of faculty:Students should check if the B-School has full time renowned and qualified faculties. You should ensure that faculties of the institute are full-time ones and not guest lecturers who may visit for only few lectures in the college. You can take the feedback bout the faculties from the ex students of the institute or from your seniors.

Quality of students:You should also check the reputation of the students passed out from B schools. You can check on the fellow students to see their academic calibre and varied interests. Generally, the students with diverse backgrounds and high calibre contribute towards the development of fellow students.

Rankings of Institute: You should ensure to check the rankings of the institutes if you are confused between selecting two equally good B schools. The rankings of the institute are done on the basis of the various factors and higher ranked B schools are better than lower ranked ones.